Participating Artists

23 artists from Australia and around the world - Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians, and artists from Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific.
Using techniques as diverse as their cultures - from carving the local timbers to using the electronics of the solar voltaic system - the artists created new work.
The 2003 workshop had a particular focus on sound in the visual arts, bringing together sound and visual practice.

Kirstie Chalker NSW
Boo Chapple Vic (unable to attend)
Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang Vic
Silvana Giordano Vic
Steven Holland NSW
Gordon Hookey
Christine Christophersen NSW
Sue Pedley NSW
David Murphy Vic
Effie Vourie
Joyce Watson Qld (unfortuately had to leave early)
Judy Watson Qld
Also: Joris Everaerts NSW
and Alison Clouston NSW

and Boyd NSW

Munawar Ali Pakistan
Tran Ngoc Anh Vietnam
Pat Hickman Hawaii USA
Tei Kobayashi USA/Japan
KaisuKoivisto Finland
Egil Martin KurdolNorway
Maureen Lander New Zealand
Bandu Manamperi Sri Lanka
Kjell Samkopf Norway
Kapkaew Suwannakudt Thailand
Ramlan Abdullah Malaysia