Tran Ngoc Anh

"When we were born, we could not to think about our works we will do in the far future. It maybe a worker, a doctor, ...and so on. I didn't think to be an Artist working with wood, stone and more material, as well as display my mind to people .To be born in the difficult time of my country- The war-. Hardly to tell about the sorrow of my childhood. At the five year old, almost everyday I used to see the dead people in my village by the gun and boom...The grander father house usually was burnt by the opposite soldiers, nearly three or four times be burnt, all my big family had to made a tent to live in. And then my father was arrested as a political prisoner,brought to the Phu Quoc Island to keep in three years. I have brought that terrible time along my life. Come over all difficulties to live and study... And now to be a sculptor. That is my destiny. I could not be another. Now I am a teacher, but most of my soul is the freedom of artist. My works sometime have no a day off; no Saturday and Sunday. I am an optimistic person, even laughing out on the unhappiness. So open and stretch my arms like a big bird wing flying to this life. I reserve the homeland and family resource as a growing bank of the river after destroying by the Flood. Thought sculpture I express ideas to the life in my own way. The talk sometime is the weak lamentation, sometime likes a big sound of storm roars. Those are the songs from the deep bottom of my heart spread and harmonize with the long permanent life song. My works of arts replace me to stand just in front of you. Sculpture is as me and I am also as sculpture. Share my mind to people so that you and I make the life better." Tran Ngoc Anh