The Original Otto Orchestra

The Martian National Anthem written by Boyd performed by the Original Otto Orchestra saxophone quartet on their CD A Recent Find Near the Glebe Point Road available from Rufus Records

The 'Original Otto Orchestra' are Paul Cutlan, Andrew Robson, Tony Gorman and Boyd.

Artwork and design Nell Smith sculpture Lucky Man Alison Clouston

'a great deal like the World Saxophone Quartet on acid, which is a good thing, since the latter frustratingly doesn't venture as far out as they could. These guys willingly fly far from the roost, and they do it very players...with equally great senses of humour and adventure' Dave McElfresh CADENCE

'they can play an astonishing range of styles - everything from whispering atmospherics to raucous free jazz to Bulgarian dance tunes. Whatever the tradition, the music is leavened by a strong desire to take the piss and exploit the absurd potential of their instruments' Jordan SMH

'A welcome surprise' Simon Adams JAZZ JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL

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