An Afternoon of Boyd Music

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Recital Hall West 29th April 2007

Paul Cutlan Saxophones and Clarinets Steve Elphick Tuba and Double Bass Toby Hall Drums and Percussion Llew Kiek Guitar Bass Baglama and Ukulele Andrew Robson Saxophones Guy Dickerson Sound Ross Ahern Recording Photos Ian Hobbs Art Nell Smith

Music excerpt:

The Brides of Khan.


Written for the film The Brides of Khan directed by Safina Uberoi commissioned by SBS TV. Alan Khan migrated to Australia from Bangladesh in the seventies. He drives a monogrammed BMW convertible and became the king of Sydney's wedding photographers. "In Alan's waiting rooms, I met many young couples planning their weddings - Macedonian, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Croatian, Chinese, Sri Lankan and Indian. Some were marrying people outside their cultural milieus and some were marrying within traditional boundaries. But all of them had a vision for the place of their culture in their wedding."

- Safina Uberoi.

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