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153 Musicians 4

Magpies Butcherbirds

No.134 Cameron Robbins : Grey Butcherbird

Deep beautiful mellow piping; in aggression a staccato rollicking descending shreik. Pizzey

No.135 Hollis Taylor : Pied Butcherbird

Superb: slow flute like piping of clear high pitched and low mellow notes.Pizzey.

No.136 Hilary Kleinig : Australian Magpie

Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle (Dennis Glover). Rich and varied carolling has notes ranging from high and clear to deep and mellow. Often others of group join in as a duet or chorus. In alarm, loud, harsh ‘squaark! Morcombe and Stewart

No.137 Gyan : Pied Currawong

Scallop scallop potato (Sonya) Call is a slow, rather rollicking series of mellow, often gurgling sounds: ‘kurrok, kurrowk’; ‘curra-currow-currowk’; ‘carrow-carrow-currawowk’. In flight gives a distinctive, wailing, raucous, descending ‘kirrair-kirrair-kirrowk’ Morcombe and Stewart

No.138 Mary Rapp : Australian Raven

High far-carrying, child-like wailing; a series of slow notes with strangled, drawn-out finnish. Quiet croaking. Simpson and Day.

No.139 James Greening : Torresian Crow

High pitched series of stacatto honkings, can finnish with one or more longer notes. Loud falsetto stutter. Simpson and Day.

No.140 Gordon Kerry : Apostlebird

Harsh and scratchy like the sound of tearing sandpaper; loud discordant ‘ch-kew, ch-kew’; on being disturbed rough nasal ‘git-out’. Pizzey

Mistletoebird Swallows

No.148 Tony Gorman : Mistletoebird

Most notes have a glancing splintered quality. Sharp ‘dzee!’ or ‘tsew!’; clear penetrating ‘kinsey-kinsey-kinsey’; ‘wait-a-bit, wait-a-bit, zhipp!’; or ‘swizit, swizit, weet-weet-swizit’; also soft warbling. Pizzey.

No.149 Wyatt Moss-Wellington : Tree Martin

Dry little ‘drrrt drrrt’ and animated twittering song. Pizzey.

No.150 Lamorna : Fairy Martin

Distinctive chirrup; also sweet twittering. Simpson and Day.

No.151 Louise Nutting : Little Grassbird

Mournful whistle of three notes on one level, ‘p-peee-peee’; also a dry scolding rattle. Pizzey

No.152 Brian Ritchie : Rufous Songlark

Song has a sweet, splintered, almost ventriloquial quality; often begins with a clear loud trill, then develops into full refrain, ‘a-witchy-weedle’, repeated. Pizzey.

No.153 James Nightingale : Brown Songlark

Strange, metalic, gutteral and far-carrying; hence school childrens’ name ‘skit-scot-a-wheeler’. Pizzey

Night Birds

No.66 Leith Phillips : Southern Boobook

Morepork Morepork (Maureen). Falsetto ‘yo-yo-yo-yo’; drawn out rising catlike ‘brrrwow’ and monotonously repeated low ‘mor-mor-mor’. Pizzey

No.67 Spike Mason : Barn Owl

Hoarse thin wavering reedy screech: ‘skee-air!’ Pizzey.

No.69 Rob Walker : Tawny Frogmouth

Low repeated ‘oom-oom-oom-oom’, slow or quite rapid and repeated up to 40 times; seems to have no clear beginning or end. Pizzey

No.70 Annie McKinnon : Australian Owlet-nightjar

High pitched slightly weird ‘chirr chirr’, repeated several times. Pizzey.

Pigeons Doves

No.44 Dylan Orsborn : Common Bronzewing

Oom-oom-oom’ of fugitive but carrying quality, repeated monotonously.

No.45 Peter Long : Crested Pigeon

Explosive whoop; low coo. Simpson and Day

No.46 David Joseph : Squatter Pigeon

Rapid falling 3-5 notes; cooing chuckle; rising whoop. Simpson and Day

No.47 Allis Maun : Diamond Dove

Flute like slow coo-ah coo-coo-ah. Simpson and Day

No.48 Zelada Da : Peaceful Dove

Carrying 3 note woodle-oo; descending wooorr. Simpson and Day

No.49 Arne Hanna : Bar-shouldered Dove

‘Bob Hawke Bob Hawke' Maureen. Double noted, cheery ‘cookaw-cookor’ Also a long bubbling laughing descending ‘cook-aw-cookaw-cookaw-cookaw-‘ Morecombe

Scrub Wrens & Allies

No.83 Reflected Chop : Speckled Warbler

Undulating, cheery mix of clear whistles and more mellow notes. Morcombe and Stewart

No.84 Vickie Tran : Weebill

Wheet-will’; ‘whit-a-whit’. Lower ‘tizit’. Simpson and Day.

No.85 Yilan Tran : Western Gerygone

Sweet, rising, falling, fading. Simpson and Day.

No.86 Kjell Samkopf : White-throated Gerygone

Distinctive falling, tinkling song. Simpson and Day.

No.87 David George : Inland Thornbill

Lively, sharp ‘tsip-chip-’; ‘loud clear musically whistled ‘chweeeip!’ and deep, mellow tremulously wharbled ‘quor-r-r-r-r-eip’. Morcombe and Stewart

No.88 Jose Snook : Chestnut-rumped Thornbill

High peevish squeaking: ‘tsee, tsee-tseep, tseep, tseeip’. Morcombe and Stewart

No.89 Else Olsen Storesund : Buff-rumped Thornbill

Tinkling reel. Simpson and Day.

No.90 Nat Grant : Yellow-rumped Thornbill

Vivacious merry tinkling with cyclic pattern. Pizzey.

No.91 Adam Simmons : Yellow Thornbill

Persistent ‘tizz tizz’. Simpson and Day.

No.94 Julian Curwin & Steve Elphic : Noisy Friarbird

an extraordinary jumble of notes one of which has been interpreted as 4 o'clock’ No Tobacca today (Maureen)