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153 Musicians 3

Emus, Mound Builders & Quail

No.1 Gabriel Clouston : Emu

Booming, drumming and grunting. Booming is created in an inflatable neck sac, and can be heard up to 2 km away.

No.2 Steve Morley : Stubble Quail

Clear, ringing ‘cheery-wit’ and ‘too-too-weep’, last note higher, louder, given repeatedly.

No.3 Alexandra Spence : Brown Quail

Double noted, ascending whistle: ‘pi-pieer’ or ‘tu-wieep’. Sharp chirp in alarm.

Herons Ibis & Spoonbills

No.16 Linsey Polack : White-faced Heron

Various croaking grunting sounds: ‘urrk-urrk-urrk’ ‘arrrgh arrrgh arrrgh’ ‘graaow’ ‘urgk-urg-urgh’.

No.17 Jo Roberts : White-necked Heron

Aloud single or double croak in alarm or flight: ‘argh, aarrgh’. At nest a deep loud ‘oomph!’ a raucous cackle at changeover.

No.18 Michael Bouwman : Great Egret

A gutteral rattling croak. Pizzey

No.19 Michael O Dwyer : Nankeen Night Heron

Various harsh and mosly deep croaks. The alarm is a hoarse but not deep croak, ‘ow-uk’ or ‘qwu-ok’; at roost and nest a more abrupt, nasal ‘auk-auk-ak’.

No.20 Warren Armstrong : Glossy Ibis

Call in flight is an occasional deep grunted croak; if startled gives loud hoarse croaks.

No.21 Vincent Dwyer : Australian White Ibis

A deep grunted ‘urrrk’; in flocks and colonies deep croaked and grunted honkings.

No.22 Andrew Yencken : Straw-necked Ibis

Loud croaks when itending to fly or alarmed and repeatedly on take off. When joining flock anounces arival with rapid series of croaks.

No.23 Andrew Wilkie : Yellow-billed Spoonbill

Usually silent but in threat displays gives soft nasal coughs or grunts, makes clattering sounds with the bill.

No.24 Ruthless Jabiru : Black-necked Stork (Jabiru)

Clacks the bill; somtimes gives gutteral grunts usually in threat or dancing displays.


No.92 Paul Cutlan : Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater

Liquid gurgling notes. ‘Give-the-boy-a-go’ repeated ending in a single abrupt note. Pizzey

No.93 Dave Lawrence Roland : Striped Honeyeater

Atractive mellow and rolling. ‘Free-wheat-peeler-peeler’ rising then falling. Pizzey

No.94 Julian Curwin : Noisy Friarbird

an extraordinary jumble of notes one of which has been interpreted as 4 o'clock’ No Tobacca today (Maureen)

No.95 Ania Reynolds : Little Friarbird

Up here Maureen, up here Maureen’ Maureen. ‘Rackety crook-shank’…raucous and guttural croaking. Morcombe and Stewart

No.96 Kelly Keating : Blue-faced Honeyeater

Penetrating querulous ‘woik, woik, woik’ or ‘queeet, queet’ each note rising at end. Pizzey

No.97 Anders Parslow : Noisy Miner

High-pitched penetrating complaining ‘yoi-yoi-yoi-yoi’ rising at end peeishly. Pizzey

Honeyeaters 2

No.98 Carl Polke : Yellow-throated Miner

Sharp nasal ‘kiek-kiek-kierk’, ‘kweek-kewk’ or ‘kieerk-kieerk’. Morcombe and Stewart

No.99 Jason Keir : Singing Honeyeater

Scratchy peevish ‘scree scree’; dry ‘prrit prrit prrit’; alarm call, ‘crik-crikit-crikit-crickit’, accelerating into running almost machinegun-like note. Pizzey

No.100 Jan & Zac Go : White-eared Honeyeater

Jaring descending ‘chung-chung-chung’, mellow ‘beer-brick, beer-brick’. Pizzey.

No.101 Boyd : Grey-fronted Honeyeater

‘It-wirt, wirt, wirt, wirt’; single sharp note ‘boink’ Pizzey.

No.102 Fane Flaws : Fuscous Honeyeater

Arig-arig-a-taw-taw’; ‘guinea-a-week’; deep metalic rather twanging ‘clitchit-clee-you, clitchit-clee-you’ repeated. Pizzey.

No.103 Nichaud Fitzgibbon : White-plumed Honeyeater

Brisk ‘chickowee’ or ‘chickabiddey’; alarm call a rapid high-pitched strident trill like alarm-clock. Pizzey

No.104 Gregory McLaren : Black-chinned Honeyeater

Curious high-pitched grating, croaking notes, developed into song. Pizzey.

No.105 Mal Webb : Brown Honeyeater

Song remarkably strong sweet and varied ‘sweet-sweet-quarty-quarty’.Pizzey.

Magpie Lark & Flycatchers

No.116 10th Man : Leaden Flycatcher

Deep, slightly harsh, guttural ‘zhirrp’; also strident , farcarying ‘see-hear, see-hear, see-hear’. Pizzey

No.117 Frank Dasent : Restless Flycatcher

A rasping ‘zhap-zhapzhapzhapzhap; a curious sustained grinding churring; a clear repeated whistle each phrase rising at the end like a man whistling a dog. Pizzey.

No.118 Llew & Mara Kiek : Magpie-Lark

Pairs perform wing lifting duets- antiphonal song. ‘Tee-hee, pee-o-wee, pee-o-wit’. Pizzey, Simpson and Day

No.119 Simon Exley : Grey Fantail

Cyclic tinkling song, ending with a strong high note. Warning ‘dik!’. Simpson and Day

No.120 Hannah Coleman : Willie Wagtail

"Sweet pretty creature" chitji chitji (ngaanyatjarra)

No.121 Brent Keogh : Spangled Drongo

Rasping, hissing, crackling. Strange metalic notes, some like a wire-fence being twanged. Simpson and Day, Pizzey.