Responding to the Coal Loader site and the tomb-like feeling of the chambers, we reworked parts of our 2016 “Tree (hollowed in)”  to form a gigantic “wreath” leaning on the stone and concrete walls of the chamber. Suggesting the ghosts of trees and the forests of the Carboniferous epoch 260 to 290 million years ago which laid down the world’s coal, our ragged circle is made from tree-casts in the form of skeletal enveloping vines, white bone-like on an aluminium framework. An elegiac soundtrack evokes guardian trees and animals. With rich handstitched textiles like winding sheets or blanketing shrouds, the work suggests reliquaries, and even bedding as we put the coal age to rest.

We hope you can see and hear our brand new installation “Wreath” (2019)

It’s in Chamber # 27 under the coal platform, for the exhibition  

The North Sydney Art Prize

2- 17 March  

The Coal Loader

2 Balls Head Drive


Open daily 10 – 5 pm

We are doing an artists talk on Saturday 16 March, along with a number of other artists, from 11 am.