Alison Clouston & Boyd

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Carbon Dating

Back in the Carboniferous, molecules met molecules, creatures met creatures, plants cross-pollinated; we all came out of the primordial swamps we now call coal. It's the family graveyard. Birds and homo species co-evolved in a dance of carbon dating – shared ancestors, aunties, distant cousins.

“Carbon Dating” is interactive. The soundtrack is triggered by the arrival of a visitor via a movement sensor. A second soundtrack is activated when the visitor uses the sound buttons.  Listen to the separate soundtrack components: Boyd playing a giant steel security gate, the Bimblebox dawn chorus and recordings of an old windmill pump at Fowler's Gap research station on the Silver City Highway north of Broken Hill.

dimensions variable, approx 6000mm long, 2000mm H x 300mm deep

aluminium, coal, rubber, birds’ nests, original soundtrack, interactive sound system, greenhouse gas audit and offset

"Carbon Dating" was premiered in Goulburn Regional Gallery's "What Lies Beneath?" in Nov – Dec 2013, an exhibition examining the rapid growth of coal and coal seam gas developments around New South Wales. It will be part of "Bimblebox: art – science – nature" opening in Brisbane Redland Art Gallery (18 May – 29 June 2014)


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