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Songs, Birds & Drawings

One Saturday afternoon,thirty children from Bundeena and beyond made these beautiful observed illustrations of the birds of Bimblebox -  with thanks to Deborah Barrett.

153 Musicians 2

Cockatoos & Parrots

  • 50
  • Miranda Hill
  • Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

Harsh metallic rolling far carrying cree cree. Simpson and Day

  • 51
  • Chris Williams
  • Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Wailing kee-aaah; staccato growl. Simpson and Day.

  • 52
  • Stephen Bradbury
  • Galah

Voice rather harsh, metallic and abrupt, yet not unpleasant: ‘chirrink-chirrink, chirrink-chirrink’ and variations ‘chzink-chzink’, ‘czink-czink-czink-czink’; in alarm, harsh, scolding, rasping screeches. Morecombe

  • 53
  • James Eccles
  • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

loud, raucous, unpleasant screeches, usually an intermix of harsh and sharp sounds, varying from deep, grinding and guttural to powerful, piercing screeches of ear-splitting intensity: ‘airrrik, aarrrk, ahrk, aieirrk, aieirieik!’. Morcombe

  • 54
  • Damien Ricketson
  • Cockatiel

High far carrying rolling cweeree. Simpson and Day

  • 55
  • Patrick Hansen
  • Rainbow Lorikeet

In flight gives frequent, quite pleasant, softly rasping or vibrating musical screeches; softer mellow chattering and subdued screeches while feeding; quiet twittering while resting. Morecombe

  • 56
  • David Rothenberg
  • Red-winged Parrot

Brassy crillik-crillik in flight. Simpson and Day

  • 57
  • Guy Freer
  • Pale-headed Rosella

Call in flight is an abrupt ‘czik-czik-, czik-czik-’. From trees gives high but soft, thin and slightly tremulous ‘fee-e-fee-e-fe-e’ or ‘fwe-we-we-wee’ Simpson and Day

  • 58
  • Aviva Endean
  • Budgerigar

Continuous chirrup; zitting alarm call. Simpson and Day

Cormorants & Pelicans

  • 11
  • Adrian McNeil
  • Australasian Darter

Voice is a harsh, ‘kar, kar,ka, ka-ka-kakaka loud and slow, gradually more rapid, then fading. At nest, loud, brassy cacklings and clicking sounds.

  • 12
  • Hughes & Datson
  • Little Pied Cormorant

keh-keh-keh’ and a harsh, deep ‘uk-uk-urk’. A sharp croak is used as an alarm call.

  • 13
  • Vanessa Tomlinson
  • Pied Cormorant

Usually silent, but various cacklings, loud ticking, deep gutteral grunting in breeding colonies.

  • 14
  • Eo Greensticks
  • Little Black Cormorant

Usually silent but some ticking and croaking among birds in fishing flocks; gutteral croaks and tickings at nest.

  • 15
  • Bassling
  • Australian Pelican

Voice deep with resonant croaks and gutteral grunting.

Cuckoo-Shrikes & Orioles

  • 122
  • Weizen Ho
  • Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

Unusual musical rolling purring or churring note. Pizzey

  • 123
  • Gary Warner
  • White-bellied (Little) Cuckoo-shrike

Typical call is a peevish ‘kissik, kissik’ or quizeek’ Pizzey

  • 124
  • Emma Hunt
  • Ground Cuckoo-shrike

Far-carrying ‘pee-ew, pee-ew’; also chill-chill....kee-lick, kee-lick’. Pizzey

  • 125
  • Michael Goldberg
  • White-winged Triller

Slightly descending ‘chiff-chiff-chiff-joey-joey-joey’ or ‘deet-deet-deet-dip-dip-dip-dip-drrr’ ending in a canary-like trill. Pizzey.

  • 126
  • Tanya Sparke
  • Olive-backed Oriole

A frequently repeated sequence is a rollicking ‘orry-orry-orriole’, quite clearly pronouncing itself to be an ‘oriole’. The song is a prolonged version of the call, wandering through similar sequences of notes, often with mimicry of other birds, ‘quiee-kwee-kworri-kworriole’; also varied querulous squawking and rasping sounds.

  • 127
  • Richard Kean
  • Figbird

Short sharp yelps ‘pow! pow! pow!. Many soft musical calls. Simpson and Day


  • 59
  • Paul Jarman
  • Pallid Cuckoo

Male utters the well-known ‘harbinger-of-spring’ call: upward scale of about eight whistled notes, the second note slightly below the first, the rising in a quarter-tone or cromatic scale; uttered persistently day and night. Pizzey

  • 60
  • Bernard Houston
  • Brush Cuckoo

A shrill far-carrying deliberate, usually descending phrase of about 7 or 8 notes, ‘fear-fear-fear...’ repeated shrill rising phrases ‘Where’s the tea Pete’ becoming demented.

  • 61
  • Paul Burton
  • Black-eared Cuckoo

A quite descending mournful ‘peeeeeeer’, singly or repeated, livelier ‘pee-o-wit-pee-o-weer’ repeated. Pizzey

  • 62
  • Shaun Barlow
  • Horsefield’s Bronze-cuckoo

Single long descending ‘tseeeeuw’, ‘prrelll’ or ‘pir-r-r’, repeated persistently. Pizzey

  • 63
  • Jon Rose
  • Shining Bronze-cuckoo

Somwhat like a person whistling a dog; clear high pitched deliberate ‘feee, feee, feee, feee’, each note rising at the end: often ends in descending ‘pee-eerr’. Stacatto notes. Pizzey

  • 64
  • Ron Nagorcka
  • Channel-billed Cuckoo

Voice awful.‘awrrk, aworrk, oirrk, oik-oik-oik’

  • 65
  • Roger dean
  • Pheasant Coucal

Deep hollow ‘coop-coop-coop-coop-coop-coop’, slow at first, accelerating and descending like liquid glugging from a bottle; also harsh, though not loud, scolding notes. Pizzey.